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USSI has had the opportunity and honor to forge alliances with the most well respected names in the industry.

business ALLIANCEs

We value all of our relationships, and work diligently to provide, compliment, and enhance software, hardware, and services from all of the fine companies and organizations listed here.

Our Commitment

We realize the term "commitment" is the most overused term in business today.  For a specialty business like ours, alliance means strength.  Working together makes us collectively stronger than if we worked independently. Unlike other software solution providers, we are selective in our approach to the market place.

We choose our partners carefully and remain loyal to their success. It takes time to develop such trust in business alliances; but we have, and it works.

they’re talking about us…

Dale Phillips
Old Surety Life Insurance
The dinner meeting you provided for us was delightful. I could not be more impressed with you as a company, a group of partners to work with, and a group of friends and virtual family. I thank God that you are helping us be a much better company than we would be without you. Thank you for everything.
Felicia Meyer
Chief Operations Officer
USSI Team Member since 2007
United Systems and Software, Inc. is a family owned company that truly treats each and every one of their team members like family. My time with the company has been extremely rewarding not only in the recognition of my career but also the tight knit team I have the pleasure of working with every day. It isn't often to have respect as part of the company culture, but it exists at USSI.

Alliances formed and inspired on the premise of delivering excellent client service and quality solutions.