USSI has had the opportunity and privilege to provide its software and services to clients worldwide.

US Alliance Corporation


Kansas City, Missouri - Led by Former Secretary of State Mr. Jack Brier, US Alliance Corporation began as an insurance start-up with the business directive of providing Kansans with reliable insurance offerings including individual life, annuities, and group life.  After several successful rounds of investment capital funding, US Alliance Life and Securities company issued its first policy in May of 2013 utilizing USSI's InsurancePlus software solutions.  US Alliance Life and Security offers policies in several categories including, Term Life, Whole Life, Annuities, Pre-Need, Critical Illness, and more.


In late 2012, Mr. Jeff Brown, COO of US Alliance Corporation, reached out to USSI with a challenge.  Although well funded, US Alliance Corporation had very little experience with IT infrastructure, limited office space, and a requirement to begin selling and administering policies within 90 days.


After being selected from several qualified vendors, USSI provided US Alliance Corporation with a moving forward plan that included its InsurancePlus Individual Life+Health Administration System, integrated document management and workflow, USSI's eSolutions Portal, comprehensive training, and assistance with setting up and managing their new block of business.  All of this, while remaining well within budget, and exceeding all timeline requirements. 


Today, US Alliance Corporation is effectively managing a sizable book of Life and Annuity based policies, and recently has added USSI's InsurancePlus Group Life and Health Administration System to their deployment, expanding into the group life business.  USSI's ability to deliver quality software solutions and client support has been an integral part of US Alliance Corporation's ongoing success.

Demerara Mutual Life Assurance Society Ltd.


Georgetown, Guyana - Demerara Mutual Assurance Society ("Demerara") is a main provider of Life, Health, loss and other financial indemnities in Guyana where the society is headquartered.  Its mark of distinction is the solid security and protection provided to more than four generations (approximately 117 years) of Caribbean peoples. Demerara has evolved appreciably from its 1891 inception as a carrier of Life Assurance indemnities, to a full-fledged institution in this new millennium. The areas of coverage have grown to encompass group and individual health, travel, plus financial coverage for the most delicate aspects of life and living. Demerara continues to venture and expand its operating territory in the financial marketplace.


As interim CEO of Demerara Mutual Life Assurance Society, Ltd., Mr. Geoffrey Brewster's first task was to rethink and streamline all business processes in order to achieve maximum profitability and productivity.  Starting mid 2016, Mr. Brewster was faced with several challenges including disparate and antiquated systems, aging hardware platforms, and an inability to effectively manage and support the current "legacy" policy administration system and integrated applications.


After several demonstrations and meetings with Mr. Brewster, USSI was excited to provide Demerara with an entire turnkey solution that met all of their functional requirements while addressing their financial needs as well.  The team here at USSI worked diligently to deploy a Software as a Service ("SaaS") environment for Demerara which included its InsurancePlus Individual Life and Health and Group Life and Health Administration Systems.  USSI's incredibly powerful base offerings coupled with integrated document management, USSI eSolutions portal, ReportsPlus, conversion services, training, and support proved to be a winning combination at Demerara. 


After a successful conversion process from the existing "legacy" applications, along with the integration of several software components, Demerara has achieved its mission to streamline processes and considerably increase productivity.  Partnered with USSI, Demerara will continue to grow and realize the continued success it has enjoyed for well over a decade. 

The Sheffield Group


Birmingham, Alabama - The Sheffield Group was founded by Mr. Don Capps in 1993 to serve the members of The Sheffield Fund.  Since then, the company has become one of the premier Workers’ Compensation providers in Alabama.  Powered by a diverse team of dedicated professionals, The Sheffield Group is equipped to handle accounts of all sizes, from small, minimum-premium accounts to larger, more sophisticated accounts.  The Sheffield Fund specializes in one line of coverage, Workers’ Compensation.  By making Workers’ Compensation its specialty, the company is able to provide a superior level of service to its members.


Mr. Don Capps, then CEO of The Sheffield Group, first contacted USSI in 1996.  At that time, Mr. Capps expressed an urgent need for a comprehensive solution to manage his growing book of Workers' Compensation business on a reliable and affordable platform.  Based on The Sheffield Groups projected growth, a robust solution was required to ensure the continued and future success of the company.


To meet the challenge, USSI deployed its InsurancePlus Workers' Compensation Administration System, along with its professional services.  Faced with a challenging conversion process from a "legacy" application with little to no original vendor support, USSI relied on its knowledgeable technical team to ensure a clean and concise conversion.  The advanced technology provided by USSI required extensive training, and assistance with system configuration, and setup. 


Over 20 years later, the The Sheffield Group continues to utilize the flexibility and power of USSI's InsurancePlus Workers' Compensation Administration System.  USSI is proud of our relationship with the fine men and women of the Sheffield Group; and our businesses have evolved together.  Just recently, USSI has been given the opportunity to modernize The Sheffield Group's website and client portal.

Every USSI team member is dedicated to maintaining our clients' complete satisfaction.