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Daytime view

Construction is underway on USSI’s new Corporate Headquarters!

On December 18, 2017, the owners and founders of USSI had the remarkable opportunity to purchase a stand-alone building which had never been occupied. The architecture, location, and overall design of the building couldn’t have been more of a perfect fit for our team. After over a year of interior architectural drawings, permitting, county meetings, excitement and anxiousness, we are pleased to announce that construction began on February 11, 2019.

Every two weeks (or so) we plan on posting and sharing photos of our build-out. We hope you visit this page often over the next few months to see exactly what we’re up to. We are excited to share this page with you, and hope you enjoy this journey as much as we do.

February 11, 2019

Our first posted project pictures illustrate our new home pre-construction. We are super excited to move forward with building our dream space. The fine people at McCree Construction have their work cut out for them.

Be our Guest at the open house…

Soon after construction has been completed on our new headquarters, we are planning to throw a grand open house party. We would love the opportunity to visit with you and give you a tour of our new facilities. So, come join the party…. just provide us with a little information about yourself and we’ll make sure to forward an invitation.

Our Valued Partners

When you dream big, it’s helpful to partner with vendors, contractors, and organizations who not only see your vision, but can deliver on the promise. We are privileged to have some of the finest companies in the industry working on this project. Here are just a few.