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10 Ways of Improving Organizational Workflow with USSI Solutions

Improving Organizational Workflow is one component of document management that we have successfully tackled time and again. We have pinpointed many workflow issues within companies and used this knowledge to craft one-of-a-kind strategies and technological breakthroughs for improving organizational workflow.

USSI solutions’ technology growth is due to modeling our software after proven IBM platforms. We have been in the forefront of document management software solutions since 1988. Our business associates that have made our exceptional customers service possible are IBM, Microsoft, Apple Inc., Dell Inc., the Hewlett-Packard Company and KODAK. Our software products accommodate several types of insurance plans within three categories: Individual Life+Health, Group Health and Workers’ Compensation.

Here are 10 ways of improving organizational workflow with USSI solutions:

1.    Go paperless

Finding paper among a disarray of papers in an office is a frustrating and time-wasting experience. Searching for essential print documents slows down workflow. A company that uses USSI solutions is improving organizational workflow by scanning and uploading documents onto computers. Many companies all over the world nowadays are taking the route to a paperless workplace.

2.    Reduce mistakes that comes with filing and losing documents

With USSI solutions, documents are systematically organized on computers. Chances of any misfiling and misplacement of documents and records are lessened, improving organizational workflow. The reason is that once a document is opened and viewed, the user can return it to its rightful place within the computer system instead of randomly putting down a physical file on a surface and forgetting about it.

3.    Retrieve documents promptly

Rather than looking for that randomly place document, anybody can sit at a desk and retrieve documents quickly and see them at desktop level with USSI solutions. This is improving organizational workflow because rather than spending 30 minutes to an hour looking for documents, multiple colleagues can view, discuss and sign off on documents at desktop level within minutes.

4.    Save and/or eliminates the call for expensive physical storage space

Accumulated data calls for bigger and costly physical storage space. USSI solutions decrease this extra storage space with software containing high storage memory. In the long run, taking advantage of USSI solutions will cost less than buying and maintaining physical storage space. With our software solutions, one page basically takes up around 35-50 KB of disk space; each gigabyte of storage space will occupy almost 20,000 to 30,000 pages.

5.    Get rid of the security risks that comes with physical storage

Traditional filing cabinets are vulnerable to break-ins even if they have locks. Our sophisticated USSI solutions have stalwart security with password protection; some documents can have multiple passwords associated with it. Our solutions also have encryption that ensures information confidentiality.

6.    Boost customer service

An organized workflow influences your company’s customer service. A faster workflow, which conserves your staff’s time and energy from the hassle of document searching, means a faster response to customers’ needs.

7.    Eliminate unnecessary workflow steps

Workflow steps may include entering manual data entry into the company’s computer system, filing paperwork and signing off on paperwork. USSI solutions eliminates unnecessary workflow steps by electronically scanning, imaging and archiving, thus establishing a company-wide network in which authorized personnel and customers can access data online.

8.    Capitalize on state-of-the-art technology

USSI solutions have been improving organizational workflow for insurance organizations. Since 1988, USSI has been shaped its breakthrough document management software after established IBM platforms. Our software solutions include Sparkive, which scans and archives paperwork images, and the Document Wizard, a suite of solutions that acts as an electronic repository of your documents.

9.    Improve accuracy

Our scanning solutions are improving organizational workflow by taking snapshots of actual documents, thus preserving their accuracy. On computer screens, policy holders and insurance can view document images and trust that they’re as authentic as their paper counterparts.

10. Receive consultation from a USSI specialist

USSI doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to improving organizational workflow. Each organization has its own concerns that take time to address properly. A USSI specialist will work with you in coming up with USSI solutions for improving organizational workflow.

Contact USSI Toll Free at 1(800)522-USSI today to learn more about Improving Organizational Workflow with USSI Solutions.