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RemindersPlus automates scheduling reminders and tasks as you’re working so not only do you save time, but become more efficient and productive.

USSI is pleased to announce a newly released advance module for our InsurancePlus Professional Software Series.  RemindersPlus allows users to quickly and seamlessly schedule reminders and events based on policy activity, requirements, billing, customer service follow-up, and so much more.

Clicking “Add Reminder” on any InsurancePlus screen launches an interface to set reminder details that include:

  • Date and time of follow-up

  • Priority Level

  • Group

  • Assign to a specific user

  • Service level requirements

  • Attached client information

  • Searchable Metatags

  • and much more…

User-defined triggered reminders

RemindersPlus automates scheduling reminders and tasks as you’re working so you not only save time, but become more efficient and productive.  Using the included reminders automation function, reminders and tasks can be “triggered” during certain events while in the InsurancePlus Administration Systems.

For example, if a claim has been entered into the system, but final approval for the claim is awaiting additional documentation; RemindersPlus can automatically schedule a reminder, assigned to a specific user, to contact the claimant in two days.  All pertinent information is automatically attached and scheduled.  No user interaction required.

RemindersPlus is compatible with the following USSI InsurancePlus Systems:

Other popular featured highlights and modules:

Features and benefits


Monitor all activity

administrators can easily assign tasks
and monitor all activity


Security and priority levels

set priority levels and security restrictions
on all reminders and tasks


User-defined "triggers"

automate all tasks and reminders thru
defining specific system triggers


Comments and notes

include follow-up comments, notes,
and metatags to search later


eMail reminders

users will automatically receive an email
list of all reminders the night before


Gauge performance

gauge and measure performance
of specific users and groups


and so much more...

USSI provides an entire reminders solution
to meet all of your requirements

Deployment Options

Software as a ServiceAccess all of our powerful features securely over the internet without the expense and maintenance of an internal network

Onsite LicensingUSSI's software can be licensed and installed on an in-house platform for those companies that require complete control

additional information…

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