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Who we are

Since 1979, United Systems and Software, Inc. ("USSI") has dedicated itself to developing and providing leading edge software solutions and professional services designed specifically for the insurance industry.  Our team has successfully implemented and supported clients across the globe with highly acclaimed insurance administration systems, integrated document management, disaster recovery solutions, professional services, and its unwavering focus on client service and support.

InsurancePlus Enterprise Software

USSI is proud to present its entire line of professional insurance software solutions designed and developed as an all-encompassing turnkey administration offering.  USSI's comprehensive software solutions ensure that your insurance company is operating at the highest level in an ever changing and competitive marketplace.

Why choose USSI


History of successFor over four decades USSI has achieved a 100% success rate in installation, training, conversion, and client support.


Proven solutionsSoftware, hardware, and technology that stands the test of time even in the most rigorous environments.


Knowledgeable teamThe friendly support team at USSI bring not only their technical experience, but also their vast industry knowledge.


Unrivaled supportOur knowledgeable and helpful service specialists and technical support team are always available to assist you.

Trusted by the best

By the numbers

Years in business
USSI has had the privilege of serving clients worldwide since 1979. USSI has always been family owned and operated.
Client satisfaction rating
At USSI we believe there is no greater achievement than 100% satisfaction from each and every client we serve.

Clients worldwide
The team here at USSI currently supports and services clients in 39 states within the U.S. and 12 foreign countries.


Policies processed annually
USSI's insurance software solutions produce and process nearly 7 million policies on average each year.


Electronic documents stored
USSI's document management and workflow solutions currently manage and store nearly 188 million documents and reports.

Premium billed annually
USSI's insurance software accounting and billing feature produces nearly 22 billion dollars in premium bills each year.