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First and foremost ReportsPlus is a communications tool, a productivity tool and a management tool all rolled into one.

USSI's ReportsPlus Professional Reports Designer is a robust user interactive production reporting tool for creating powerful, richly formatted, dynamic reports from USSI InsurancePlus stored data, delivered in dozens of formats, and up to 24 languages. ReportsPlus turns all USSI stored data into interactive, actionable information that can be accessed offline or online, from applications, portals and even mobile devices. Creating ad-hoc documents and reports has never been easier with access to all data elements in a user-friendly click-and-drag design interface.

Communication is the cornerstone of all good relationships

First and foremost ReportsPlus is a communications tool, a productivity tool and a management tool all rolled into one. Every organization has a story to tell and ReportsPlus is a great storyteller. Most business managers have little idea as to what data they have in their information systems, how it is organized and how the company can best utilize that data to make good business decisions.  ReportsPlus solves this common problem by presenting data in an easy to read and aesthetically pleasing format.

Bridging the gap

ReportsPlus bridges the gap, whether it be customer delivered reports such as letters or statements, operations reports that improve the way employees and managers run the day-to-day business, such as sales reports, resource utilization, transaction summaries, or executive management reports that provide performance dashboards, financial key performance indicators, or trends and forecasting.

ReportsPlus is compatible with the following USSI InsurancePlus Systems:

Other popular featured highlights and modules:

Features and benefits


Flexible design tool

a friendly click-and-drag interface
provides beautiful custom reports


Export to MS Word

one-click export to MS Word while
retaining all formatting


Real-time preview

preview ad-hoc reports and documents
using real-time system data


Export to MS Excel

one-click export to MS Excel
presenting the data you request


Multi-device support

reports can be shared across all of your
devices including mobile


Export to PDF

one-click export to Adobe PDF, and
easily email and share with others


and so much more...

USSI provides an entire reporting solution
to meet all of your requirements

Deployment Options

Software as a ServiceAccess all of our powerful features securely over the internet without the expense and maintenance of an internal network

Onsite LicensingUSSI's software can be licensed and installed on an in-house platform for those companies that require complete control

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