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Serve real-time information to policyholders, agents, members, employers, physicians, and more; all securely over the internet from any device.

USSI's eSolutions Internet Information Portal provides internet enabled inquiries and transaction requests that have been seamlessly integrated directly into USSI's entire suite of InsurancePlus products. This powerful set of features may be used as the basis of a new web presence for your organization, or may be used to enhance and add value to your existing website.

Your customers expect information to be available, accurate, and current.  Our studies have shown that an increasing number of those  customers prefer to get that information via the Internet, using a web site that is both intuitive to navigate, responsive, and aesthetically pleasing.

Below, please find examples of internet inquiries and features that we have deployed for our clients using USSI's eSolutions Internet Information Portal technology:

  • View policy information including cash value, loan value, cost basis, RMD, and loan payoff
  • Make payments via credit card with downloadable receipt
  • Change requests including address change, loan request, and changes to coverage
  • Online documents provided including notices, annual statements, original policy, etc.
  • View pending policies including reason pending with ability to contact assigned underwriter
  • View recently lapsed policies, along with contact information
  • View detailed persistency report, down-line policies, sub agent persistency, and more…
  • Online interactive premium calculator

Accept electronic payments

USSI eSolutions Internet Information Portal is the ideal place for your organization to collect fees and premiums securely over the internet.  Partnering with one of the many third party vendors which will accept and verify payments gives your website the power to receive immediate payment with the ability to setup recurring transactions.

USSI eSolutions is compatible with the following USSI InsurancePlus Systems:

Features and benefits


24/7 real-time access allow real-time access to policyholders, agents, members, and more



Online document viewing

visitors can be given access to view documents, reports, statements, etc.


Security comes first

secure portal technology protects your network and your site visitors


Accept premium payments

allow your customers to initiate and schedule premium payments online


Multi-device support

responsive design allows access across all devices including mobile



Customer service

improved customer service and marketability through convenience


and so much more...

USSI provides an entire web portal solution
to meet all of your requirements

Deployment Options

Software as a ServiceAccess all of our powerful features securely over the internet without the expense and maintenance of an internal network

Onsite LicensingUSSI's software can be licensed and installed on an in-house platform for those companies that require complete control

Ready to make USSI software solutions and services work for you?